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Abondance is an excellent example of a great French artisanal cheese that dates back almost 700 years. This superb gourmet cheese has a smooth surface smeared rind, showing the marks of the cloth with an amber color. Abondance crust should be removed before eating.

Abondance or Tomme Abondance is a French mountain gourmet cheese from Haute Savoie in the Rhone-Alpes and is made exclusively from the whole raw milk from cows of Abondance, Montbeliard and Tarine. The maturation period is a minimum of 90 days. The cheese has been a member of the A.O.C. family since 1990.

Abondance cheese is firm, has a strong smell and a distinct and complex flavor; fruity and with hints of hazelnut. The paste is soft and fluid with an ivory to pale yellow color and has small holes, similar in taste to Comte or Beaufort.

Abondance can be cut in a half moon and melted like Raclette cheese. A worthy addition to your French gourmet cheese palate, try some soon.