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Blarney Castle Cheese

Blarney Castle Cheese

Blarney Castle Cheese

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Just outside the medieval city of Cork is the world-famous Blarney Castle, best known know for its famous stone, said to impart the gift of eloquence on those who kiss it. From Cork’s lush pastures and pristine water sources comes Kerrygold Blarney Castle Cheese.

Blarney (noun):

  1. Smooth/Flattering Talk
  2. Deceptive Nonsense

The only qualities our Blarney shares with its namesake is its smooth character. Blarney is a nectareous semi-soft part skim cheese from the lush fields of Ireland. Completely natural and free from artificial flavours and additives, ‘deceptive nonsense’ simply does not feature when describing this mellow mouth-watering cheese. Its subtle flavor is reminiscent of a young gouda.

Kerrgold Blarney Castle Cheese is available in 200g , 400g and 2.5Kg Blocks. Suitable for vegetarians.

Great Uses: Kerrygold Blarney Castle is a mild versatile cheese suitable for sandwiches, cheese board, quiche, or cubed in a salad. Try pairing it up with some fresh fruit, an organic wine and a lazy afternoon. Fabulous melting cheese that can be shredded over a baked potato or a steaming bowl of soup. Its mild flavor and smooth, velvety texture complements any dish.