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Bleu Benedictine


Bleu Benedictine

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This award-winning blue is one of several cheeses produced by a Benedictine community in Quebec’s eastern townships region. Bleu Benedictin has sharp, clean herbal aromas and a balanced sweet, earthy and piquant flavour. Expressive, but not overly strong, this blue is delicious crumbled over root vegetable soup or beet salad, or on a cheese board with figs and walnuts.


Sommelier Jamie Drummond recommends: I’d be going for a ballsy Californian Pinot from the Sonoma coast, higher in alcohol. Some Petite Sirahs have actually worked incredibly well also.

produced by: Abbaye de Saint-Benôit-du-Lac
producer type: craft/monastic
region: Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, Quebec
milk: pasteurized cow milk
type: blue
firmness: semisoft
wine pairing: Petite Sirah, Californian Pinot Noir