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Cheese Platter Tips


Cheese Platter Tips

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Wanting the perfect party platter for the winter entertaining season? Try incorporating a few basic tips to dress it up, make it interesting or to just have fun and experiment.

*Select from 3-6 cheeses of distinctly different styles, tastes, and textures.

*For a more creative twist, build your cheese board around a theme. Choose cheeses from a different region or country.

*Start with these three selections: one soft cheese (triple cream Brie, Camembert), one firm cheese (Piave, Cave Aged Gruyere, Asiago) and one blue vein cheese (St. Agur, Stilton, Cashel).

*Choose cheeses from different milks (cow, sheep, goat)

*Remove the wrapping from cheeses, but leave on rinds.
*Keep the pieces whole,  this keeps the cheese from drying out and gives a distinctive presentation.

*Serve each cheese with its own knife to avoid mixing flavours.

*Bring cheeses to room temperature for optimal flavour – take out of the refrigerator up to two hours before serving.

*Serve with an interesting compote, jelly or cracker to add festive colour  or flavors ( for example  fig compote or spread with chevre or fig crackers with sheep’s milk cheeses)