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Why Cover Goat Cheese in Ash?

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The use of ash on cheese is traced back to the small farmhouse cheese makers in France, who preserved their autumn cheeses through the winter months by coating them with sel noir (black salt) a mixture of salt and ash made from vine cuttings, or charcoal from the fireplace. This ash provided an instant natural rind for protection and neutralized surface acidity, allowing natural molds to grow. Continue reading “Why Cover Goat Cheese in Ash?” »

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What is washed-rind cheese?

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What the heck is a washed-rind cheese?

No, there are no power washers, hoses, or bath towels involved…

You can spot (or smell) a washed-rind cheese from a mile away in a cheese shop. They have distinctive orange or reddish rinds and tend to range in texture from soft and supple to downright gooey. The coloration of the rind comes from a helpful little bacteria called b-linens, or Continue reading “What is washed-rind cheese?” »


What is a Triple Crème?

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A triple-crème is any cow’s-milk cheese that has been enriched with cream to reach a minimum of 75 percent milk fat (as mandated by French law). The mouth feel is seductively silky when fully ripened, and the texture is decadently smooth and melts in your mouth. Continue reading “What is a Triple Crème?” »