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Blue Juliette


Blue Juliette

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Josh Wood: Blue Juliette is made similarly to Juliette, but has both blue and white culture. The flavour comes from the magnificently blue dappled rind, which hides a velvety creamy paste inside. Being a little stronger than Juliette, you can enjoy Blue Juliette with both red and white wines—before or after a meal—it is your choice. Blue Juliette started its life as an attempt to make a large blue veined sheep milk cheese, but it kept changing. The cheese makers wanted to try a smaller version, so we did. then they wanted to use goat milk. With so much success making Juliette, the cheese makers started to use a similar technique with juliette with their new cheese. the new cheese had become an entirely different cheese than the one we had imagined. However, all good cheeses come from a little inspiration, and a lot of patience and experimentation. The hardest part of making this cheese is not to break down and eat it before it is ready.


Sommelier Jamie Drummond recommends: I have recently enjoyed this with a lighter sonoma zinfandel… A red one btw, not one of those pink ones! A softer Grenache or Grenache-based wine (such as a simple Cotes-du-Rhone also works incredibly well.

produced by: Salt Spring Island Cheese Company
producer type: craft
region: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
milk: pasteurized goat milk
type: blue
firmness: soft
wine pairing: sonoma zinfandel, Cotes-du-Rhone