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Pizza with Pathena and Crowfoot- April 18th, 2013

Pizza night with Parthena Olive oil and Crowfoot wines

Pizza with Pathena and Crowfoot- April 18th, 2013

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for those of you how enjoyed the session, here are the pizza’s that were designed at the April 18th tasting with See ya later Ranch and N’nkum Wineries

Pizza Dough
(enough to make 1 batch- 1 large or 2 small piza’s)
2 cups (500g) 00 Molino Pizza flour
10 oz ( 375 ml) water
pinch of salt ( 1/4 tsp)
1 tablespoon or 1 pkg of bakers yeast
2 tablespoons parthena olive oil

set yeast in 2 oz warm water and let sit 5 min
mix salt with flour on board- make well in center and pour in oilve oil and water
mix to a soft smooth dough. Allow to rise in awarm space x 30 minutes

grease pizza pans liberlyiwith Parthena olive oil
punch out dough onto pan- allow to “proof” or rise an additonal 10 minutes
top with select toppings
bake at 500-550 degrees for 15 min or until crust is brown

first course
basil tomatoe sauce
light layer of shred mozza skim
roasted vegtables ( zucchini, cherry tomatoe, red and orange peppers, white mushrooms, white onions roasted x 20 minutes in parthena olive oil)
shredded cayenne and peppercorn gouda ( Slyvan Star cheese, Red Deer)

second course
sundried tomatoe and herbs (Brickstone)
shredded parm and mozza light mixed
sliced portabella mushrooms
red onion, siced and carmelized
garlic chevre ( Salt spring island)- crumbled

third course
roasted red pepper chutney (Brickstone)
light layer of shred mozza light
buffalo whiskey sausages- sliced ( courtesy of North Sea Fish)
roasted red peppers
roasted white onion
chopped fresh basil
buffala mozza ( Italian import- this was added to the last 5 minutesof cooking time)

last course
light sprinkle of shredded mozza
sliced dried mission figs
pecans- carmelized
moody blue cheese- crumbled
quince paste- dabbed generously
cook pizza- when taken out of the oven garnish withStrawberry fig balsamic reduction from Nona Pina’s and Parthena Olive oil

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