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Aged Mimolette

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Mimolette is creamy, hard, cow’s milk cheese produced in Normandy, Brittany, Nord/Pas-de Calais, and other parts of France. It has been called a French Edam, although there are definite differences between the two. There is a little question as to its exact origin – some say it comes from Lille, in France, while others think it was first made in Holland. It is believed that Mimolette took route in the 17th century, specifically during rule of King Louis XIV, because his chief minister, Colbert, had banned the import of many foreign goods and foods, including Edam. The Dutch cheese was especially missed in Flanders, the northernmost region of France, and as you might expect, the villagers had strong cultural ties to Holland. Even today you will hear Dutch spoken as a first language in this part of France. Continue reading “Aged Mimolette” »



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Abondance is an excellent example of a great French artisanal cheese that dates back almost 700 years. This superb gourmet cheese has a smooth surface smeared rind, showing the marks of the cloth with an amber color. Abondance crust should be removed before eating. Continue reading “Abondance” »