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Riopelle, named after the famous artist, on the condition that part of its proceeds help local students get a higher education, is produced on Ile-aux-Grues archeplego of islands in the St. Lawrence river. It is an opulent triple cream style cheese with hints of hazelnut, mushroom and cultured butter that, once tasted, will quickly become a mainstay of your cheese board.  

Sommelier Jamie Drummond recommends: This screams for good off-dry Riesling, German or Canadian. Austria’s dry Gruner Veltliner also does one hell of a good job. If one would prefer red, decent inexpensive Burgundian Pinot (simply marked Bourgogne) marries perfectly. Another option from left-field would be a good cool climate Chardonnay with just a hint of oak.

produced by: Société Coopérative Agricole de L’Îsle-aux-grues
producer type: craft
region: Ile-aux-Grues, Quebec
milk: thermalized cow milk
type: bloomy rind
firmness: soft
wine pairing: Riesling, German or Canadian, cool climate Chardonnay