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What is a Triple Crème?


What is a Triple Crème?

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A triple-crème is any cow’s-milk cheese that has been enriched with cream to reach a minimum of 75 percent milk fat (as mandated by French law). The mouth feel is seductively silky when fully ripened, and the texture is decadently smooth and melts in your mouth.

The flavour is mild with variances of sweet to slightly sour based on the degree of ripeness. Fashioned after the traditional Brie or Camembert, most triple-crème cheeses have a thin, slightly bitter rind embracing a soft, sumptuous center. However, triple crèmes have triple the cream of the traditional brie. Due to this, triple crèmes have two times the fat content of a traditional brie or Camembert.

Because the majority of these cheeses are soft-ripened, maturing from the outside in, they are generally sold pre-sliced and wrapped. Therefore, it’s a little more difficult to determine whether they’re ripe. Good advice is to avoid pieces that look soupy; the cheese should retain its shape. If it’s too runny, most likely it’s too far gone. On the other hand, a cheese whose sides are just beginning to melt away is perfectly fine.